Digital Form Creator, is our current project, we believe that this will be beneficial in helping business to go digital, saving operational expenses & improving accuracy, having an easy to use low cost system to reduce paper use and lower any business Carbon Footprint will also help the Environment.

Digital Form Creator, is also used in conjunction with an App to allow the form use to use the form offline when no Internet or Mobile data is available, the information is stored in the phone and once Internet or Mobile data is available the information is sent.

Rural Property Management is a web portal that can show owners their water assets and status to be displayed in a browser using Google maps, the information displayed is restricted and can only be viewed by the Asset Owner or Assigned staff members.

The Network-Status Web Portal, was created to allow Fire & Emergency Service to see the status & location of Water Service Providers Fire Hydrants in real time.

To allow Water Service Providers to easily obtain the hydrant locations Latitude and Longitude coordinates to allow the hydrants to be displayed on the map, the App Hydrant Location Recorder was created to assist in acquiring the hydrant locations to be uploaded to the web portal.

The Network-Status Web Portal then evolved to allow for Rural Fire Fighting services to show state owned or privately owned rural water assets, these can be obtained by using a website Rural Fire Services Water Sources once the data is downloaded and added to Network-Status these become an asset for Fire & Emergency Services, an additional tool to assist Rural Fire Services in locating and providing the information where a fire front is when in the field an App was created.Fire Front Tracker can only be used by registered persons.

818 Software helped develop the App Australian Public Toilets by building the web portal and an in-field Auditing tool that allows Local Government, Councils or Non-Commercial organisations to update and improve the information about their amenities, the data recorded within the account can be easily downloaded to be sent to the Australian Federal Government for use in their National Public Toilet Map project.

818 Software has the knowledge and experience to take your idea and make it happen for you all you need to is ask us for a chat about how we can assist you.